Antonella Radicchi

Antonella Radicchi

Architect and Urbanist, PhD

From Beyond the Noise to the Hush City Mobile Lab

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A view of one of the “everyday quiet areas” mapped in Berlin by the Hush City app community. Image source: (c) A. Radicchi 2017

Time flew away since 2 years ago when the “Beyond the Noise” project was officially launched at the Technical University in Berlin, with the aim of experimenting with a novel citizen-driven methodology to analyze, assess and plan “everyday quiet areas” in cites.

Many exciting things happened: we launched the Hush City app, we implemented the pilot study in the Reuterkiez with Dominik and Rabea of the Stadtteilbüro Reuterkiez. We also travelled the world to disseminate the project and exchange with the international community.

It was a terrific journey, only possible thanks to the participants in the “Beyond the Noise” project and to the Hush City community. Without your passion, enthusiasm and contribution the project would have not made possible. We thank you very much. We hope we will continue to stay in touch and collaborate.

The journey is indeed not yet over!

We are thrilled to let you know that we are setting up the Hush City Mobile Lab at TU Berlin.
The main goal revolves around open source planning of urban quiet areas. In this regard, the “open source soundscapes” approach to city planning approach will be deepened and disseminated for an environmentally just and healthy city.

We are working on a new version of the Hush City app, which will be released soon. New amazing features will be available, such as the possibility to select your favorite language! German, first!

If you are curious to learn more about the Lab’s first two-year agenda, click here! You can also follow us on Twitter @HUSHCITYapp.
If you would like to get in touch, say hallo at

‘Till next week, and quiet regards from Berlin!