Antonella Radicchi

Antonella Radicchi

Architect and Urbanist, PhD

Let’s celebrate INAD 2019!

We are thrilled and honored to partner with the Acoustical Society of America and the New York University (NYU) for the celebration of the International Noise Awareness Day (INAD) 2019!
A series of Hush City soundwalks and a day-long workshop take place in New York throughout April and May 2019.

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Hush City Soundwalk Series

The Hush City soundwalk series was kicked off on April 8th 2019.
The soundwalk was guided by Antonella, with NYU Professor Tae Hong Park, Dr. Arline Bronzaft and NYU students in the Washington Square Park area. The aim of the soundwalk was to increase awareness on noise, quietness and their impact on health as well as to visit, evaluate and map quiet areas in the Greenwich Village, using the Hush City app.
Quiet areas explored during the soundwalk and data collected by the participants can be reviewed on the Hush City Map here.

Workshop “Noise, Quietness, and the Healthy City”

Later on this month, on April 24th 2019, a day-long workshop “Noise, Quietness, and the Healthy City” will be hosted at New York University with talks, discussions, and a soundwalk in the Washington Square Park area.
This workshop is aimed at engaging the NYC community with expert talks and soundwalks that will provide answers to important questions about city noise, including:

  • What exactly is noise pollution?
  • How does noise affect urban environments, population health, and local economies?
  • What reduction measures and strategies is NYC implementing?
  • What are quiet urban areas and what state-of-the-art measures exist for their identification and protection?
  • What is the “soundscape approach” to noise pollution? Why does it represent a citizen-driven paradigm shift?
  • What are the tools and resources available to take action and contribute to the protection of quiet areas in cities?

Invited speakers include (in alphabetical order):

Organizers and collaborators
The “Noise, Quietness, and the Healthy City” workshop is organized by Antonella Radicchi, Tae Hong Park, and Arline Bronzaft and it has been made possible with the support of (in alphabetical order): Acoustical Society of America (ASA), Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC), Dayton Audio by Parts Express, GrowNYC, HEAD-Genuit Foundation, New York City Department of the Environmental Protection (DEP), New York University (NYU), NoiseGate, Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin), The Quiet Coalition, The Trust for Public Land.

Read the full program & schedule here
For those in NYC, please RSPV here


Everyday Quiet Area of the Week

1 Washington Square Village, New York, NY 10012, USA. This everyday quiet area is rated as pleasant and it is no. 2127 of the Hush City Map