Dr. Antonella Radicchi

Dr. Antonella Radicchi

Chartered Architect & Soundscape Urbanist

New version of the Hush City app!

We are thrilled to inform you that we have just released a new free version of the Hush City app!

Would you like to give it a try?

New features include: 

1) Onboarding screens

Launch Hush City app and three onboarding screens (see Image 1) will pop up and give you an overview of how you can make the best out of Hush City app!
With Hush City app you can MAP AND ASSESS everyday quiet areas; SHARE the quiet areas with your community of friends and contacts; DISCOVER everyday quiet areas crowdsourced in your city or in other places worldwide.


Image 1: Onboarding screens, (c) Hush City app 2018

2) New languages

Hush City app is now available in 4 languages: English, German, Italian and Spanish! To select your favorite languages, just go to “Settings” and click on “Language”.
This great achievement was possible with the generous support of:

  • Prof. Dr. Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp (Technical University of Berlin) who kindly revised the German translation;
  • Dr. Jerónimo Vida Manzano (University of Granada) who kindly prepared the Spanish translation;
  • Dr. Arch. Antonella Radicchi (Technical University of Berlin) who curated the Italian translation.

We would like to thank them very much!

3) Search and sort by features

Display the quiet areas through the “List View Mode”, then click on the arrows placed at the top of the screen (see Image 2) to search and sort the everyday quiet areas by noise levels, city and number, both in ascending/descending order.

Image 2: Search and sort by features, (c) Hush City app 2018

4) Filters feature

You can apply the “Filters” feature, when the quiet areas are displayed both through the “Map View Mode” and the “List View Mode”. Just click on the “Funnel” icon and select the filter you would like to apply (see Image 3).
You can filter the everyday quiet areas according to their noise levels, the descriptors used to tag them, the perceived level of quietness, the overall quality, the accessibility.
Filters can be applied individually or in combination. If you want to cancel the filters, just click on the button “Reset”.

Image 3: Filters feature, (c) Hush City app 2018

5) Hush City Ambassador 

For the soundscape approach, people are the real experts of the places, where they live, work and spend time. So, your contribution to Hush City is fundamental to understand how you perceive, understand and/or experience urban quiet areas.
To properly recognize your role, we created the “Hush City Ambassador” feature!
When you submit a survey, you will receive a pop up message (see Image 4.1) informing that you have been nominated “Hush City Ambassador” of the city where you collected the survey.

Image 4.1: Pop up message “Hush City Ambassador”, (c) Hush City app 2018

You can track your participation by clicking on the dedicated icon displayed on home page’s menu (see Image 4.2, on the left).
To protect users’ privacy, the system automatically assigns to each user a nickname (see Image 4.2, on the right). If you would like to be publicly recognized, please send us an email and we will add your real name to the “Hush City Ambassador List”, accessible on the Hush CIty web-app.

Image 4.2: Hush City Ambassador icon (left) and Hush City Ambassador page (right), (c) Hush City app 2018

6) Share on social media

Depending on social media installed on your smartphone, you can share the everyday quiet areas through social media channels, such as Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook etc.
Just click on the button highlighted on Image 5 below.

Image 5: Share on social media, (c) Hush City app 2018


We hope you will enjoy the new version of the Hush City app and you will use it in the course of the summer to map, share & discover new (and fresh!) quiet spots in Berlin and beyond!

And, please, do not forget to share your feedback with us. Your feedback is fundamental to improving our work!


Acknowledgements: Hush City app’s new features hereby illustrated are part of the “Hush City Mobile Lab” project, which has received funding from HEAD-Genuit Foundation.