Antonella Radicchi

Antonella Radicchi

Architect and Urbanist, PhD

News & Events: Autumn Edition

After a summer packed with conferences and events that offered interesting discussions and new perspectives, we have entered the Autumn season ready for new exciting projects and opportunities.

Hush City at the Bloomsbury Festival, London (UK)

On Saturday 20 October 2018, we exhibited the Hush City app & map at the stunning event “Activists and Architects of Change” organized by the UCL Extreme Citizen Science Lab within the Bloomsbury Festival held in London from October 17-21 2018.
Our Hush City Ambassador for London, Mattia Cobianchi, run the Hush City table and welcomed the visitors, guiding them through a virtual tour of the quiet areas crowdsourced worldwide with the Hush City app.
We are grateful to Prof. Muki Haklay for the kind invitation, to Alex Albert for her enthusiastic support with the organization and to Mattia for his kind availability!

Hush City featured on Soundproofist 

In the latest Soundproofist’s podcast episode, “Learn how your contributions can help civic planning. A conversation with the creator of the Hush City app”, Antonella was interviewed by Cary of Soundproofist on the Hush City app.
In the podcast, Antonella discusses the importance of placing people at the core of soundscape and urban planning, highlighting how Hush City app can favor this process and contribute to the planning of healthy sonic environments.
You can listen to the podcast both on Soundproofist or on iTunes.
We thank Cary very much for her interest in the Hush City project and for helping us in spreading the word around!

176th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, Victoria, Canada, 5-9 November 2018

Antonella is currently attending the 176th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America in Victoria: on November 5 2018,  she presented the initial findings of a comparative study developed in collaboration with Prof. Vida Manzano (University of Granada), in which the Hush City framework was applied to evaluate urban quiet areas both in Berlin and Granada.
You can find the abstract of the presentation and have a look at the conference program here.

Public Forum “Creating Quieter Communities”, University of Victoria, Canada, 7 November 2018

Antonella will present the Hush City project at the public forum “Creating Quieter Communities”, organized by Prof. Trevor Hancock at the University of Victoria.
As reported in the column written by Prof. Hancock to promote the public event, the forum aims at encouraging public debate with local communities on noise pollution, its negative impact on health and well-being and noise mitigation strategies.
Noise is addressed by Prof. Hancock as a “secondhand noise”, as something that is “put into the environment without people’s consent”, as it is the case of sonic assaults we are subjected in bars, restaurants and stores.
In his article, Prof. Hancock goes on and concludes arguing for “the right to a quiet community where [people] can have a quiet meal and a conversation — or sit out on the street, or in the park, or in the garden — without being driven away or indoors by noise.”
We are grateful to Porf. Hancock for his kind invitation to participate in the forum!
Read the full article by Prof. Hancock here.

Stay Tuned

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A Thank You! note

Do you know that the Hush City community crowdsourced over 1000 quiet spots worldwide?
You can access them here.
We would like to conclude this newsletter with a big Thank You! to the Hush City soundscape & citizen science community of mappers & ambassadors that regularly contribute to the project.
We would be happy to publish your names on our website! If you like the idea, just drop us an email at:

Everyday quiet area of the week

17 W Waterfront Rd, Vancouver, BC V6C, Canada. This everyday quiet area is rated as informative and it is no. 1422 of the Hush City Map.