Dr. Antonella Radicchi

Dr. Antonella Radicchi

Chartered Architect, Ph.D. Urban Design





Special issues as Guest Lead Editor

Book chapters

  • Radicchi, A. (accepted, forthcoming Fall 2019). “15 people-centered recommendations for the design, build and use of mobile apps for soundscape research and public space studies” in Skarlatidou, A., Haklay, M. (eds) Geographical Citizen Science Design: No One Left Behind, UCL Press.
  • Radicchi, A. (2019). ‘Hush City. From crowdsourced data to open source planning of quieter and healthier cities’, in Besters, M., Marrades Sempere, R., Kahne, J. (eds) OUR CITY? Countering Exclusion in Public Space, Placemaking Europe Publications, pp. 367-370. ISBN: 978-90-830089-0-5
  • Radicchi A. (2019). “The notion of soundscape in the realm of sensuous urbanism. A historical perspective”. In Sound Worlds from the Body to the City. Listen! Edited by Wilson, A., Cambridge Scholars Publisher, Cambridge
  • Radicchi A., Henckel D. (under review), “Experiential Walks: The Case for Combined Sound and Light Walks” in Piga B. et al. (eds.), Experiential Walk, Routledge Publ.
  • Luna S. (with Gold M., Albert A., Ceccaroni L., Claramunt B., Danylo O., Haklay M., Kyba C., Piera J., Radicchi A., Schade S., Sturm U.) (2018). “Developing mobile applications for environmental and biodiversity citizen science: considerations and recommendations”. In Multimedia Technologies for Environmental & Biodiversity Informatics edited by Joly et al., 9-30, Springer International Publishing, 2018
  • Radicchi A. (2017). “A Pocket Guide to Soundwalking. Some introductory notes on its origin, established methods and four experimental variations”. In Perspectives on urban economics, edited by Besecke A. et al., 70-73, Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin, Berlin
  • Radicchi A. (2013). “Emotional Geography and Soundscape Studies. Beyond the cognitive approach in (sound)mapping urban spaces”. In Envisioning Architecture: Design, Evaluation, Communication, 267-272, a cura di Morello E., Piga B., Atti dell’XI congresso internazionale EAEA11 European Architectural Envisioning Association, 25-28 September 2013, Milan (IT), Edizioni Nuova Cultura, 2013 ISBN: 978-8868121365
  • Mayr A., Radicchi A. (2013). “Time Walk”. In Space Time Design of the Public City, edited by Henckel, D. et al., 86-97, Springer Publishers. Berlin
  • Radicchi A. (2012). “The Sonic Niche A new design tool to enhance and create atmospheres through sounds in the contemporary city”. In Ambiances in Action / Ambiances en acte(s), a cura di Thibaud, J-P., Siret, D., Atti del secondo Congresso Internazionale sull’Ambiances, 253-258, 19-22 Settembre 2012, Montreal (CA), Ambiances International Network / Ambiances Reseau International) (2012) ISBN: 978-2952094832
  • Beccaria C., Guerrucci E., Radicchi A. (2012). “Le Architetture del Made in Italy”. In Le quattro stagioni. Architetture del Made in Italy. Da Adriano Olivetti alla New Economy, edited by Zevi, L., 88-89, Electa Publisher, Napoli
  • Radicchi A., Rojas F. (2009). “Soundscapes Oltrarno”. In Technology, Livability and the Historic City. Future of Firenze, edited by Frenchman, D., Mitchell, W., 80-85, MIT Press

Journal Articles (peer-reviewed)

Conference Proceedings

Abstracts in Conference Proceedings

  • Radicchi, A. (2019). “An experimental soundscape study, combining binaural recordings, in-situ questionnaires and behavioral mapping”, The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 145, p. 1753. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1121/1.5101418
  • Radicchi, A., Vida Manzano, J. (2018). ‘Soundscape evaluation of urban social spaces. A comparative study: Berlin-Granada’, The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 144 (3), p. 1660. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1121/1.5067408
  • Radicchi, A. (2017). ‘Quietness as a commons: Integrating soundscape in urban planning for the environmentally just city’, The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 142 (4), p. 2671. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1121/1.5014731

Technical Reports

  • Radicchi A. (2019). The open source soundscape approach to everyday quiet areas. Criteria and recommendations for the Berlin Plan of Quiet Areas (2018-2023), Technical University of Berlin. Technical report submitted to the Municipality of Berlin.

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