Antonella Radicchi

Antonella Radicchi

Architect and Urbanist, PhD

An Emotional Journey

preview_ Radicchi_2015_FSM_An-Emotional-Journey_DEF.002 Radicchi_2015_FSM_An-Emotional-Journey_DEF.003 Radicchi_2015_FSM_An-Emotional-Journey_DEF.007 Radicchi_2015_FSM_An-Emotional-Journey_DEF.006 Radicchi_2015_FSM_An-Emotional-Journey_DEF.005 Radicchi_2015_FSM_An-Emotional-Journey_DEF.004 Radicchi_2015_FSM_An-Emotional-Journey_DEF.008 Radicchi_2015_FSM_An-Emotional-Journey_DEF.009


Firenze Sound Map. A Emotional Journey through Florentine Soundscapes.

The video was commissioned to Antonella Radicchi by the Rotary Club Firenze and the Firenze City Council’s UNESCO Office and presented at the 2015 Unesco Historic Cities Heritage of Peace Conference in Istanbul on April, 4 2015.

The video is an emotional journey through the Florentine soundscapes and is composed of sounds, images and comments, which have been shared by tourists, citizens and city users and uploaded to Firenze Sound Map. It is divided into 5 sections, which represent the main soundscapes of Firenze according to the preferences expressed by Florentine citizens, city users and tourists who participated in the project.


2015, Spring


Rotary Club Firenze, UNESCO Office Municipality of Firenze