Antonella Radicchi

Antonella Radicchi

Architect and Urbanist, PhD


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Module: BNV7142 Placemaking
Module Leader: Dr Antonella Radicchi, Senior Lecturer in Urban Planning and Sustainability, Birmingham City University Department for the Built Environment
Academic Year 2022/23 Semester 1 (3h/w)

Module Concept

Placemaking is a holistic and global concept that applies to built and natural environments, and it is central to successful spatial planning. It is a collaborative process which unfolds through situated social practices across different spatial and temporal scales to transform spaces into socially inclusive, sustainable and liveable places.

In this module, students developed spatial planning skills through engagement with the ideas about the creation and management of ‘place’ by working on a real-life case study in Port Loop, Birmingham.

Acting as a planning consultancy, they re-imagined the Port Loop site and transformed it into a socially inclusive, sustainable and liveable place, applying a participatory approach and working in collaboration with the project partner, Civic Square, and the local community living in the neighbourhood.

Key tasks included:

  • the development of a concept for a Port Loop Public Space Action Plan that should have its core in the factory of Port Loop and connect it to the public spaces of the site and its surroundings
  • design a placemaking intervention for one of the public spaces of the Port Loop Public Space Action Plan
  • ideation and implementation of a participatory methodology via interviews with the project partner Civic Square and key stakeholders/community representatives and an online survey with the local community
  • Incorporate the community’s feedback, visions, needs and hopes into the final project proposal


Fall Semester 2022


Birmingham City University, Department for the Built Environment
Project Partner: CIVIC  SQUARE