Dr. Antonella Radicchi

Dr. Antonella Radicchi

Chartered Architect, Ph.D. Urban Design


Samples of Everyday Quiet Areas crowdsourced worldwide with the Hush City app (Images source: Hush City Map)


The Global Program of Hush City Soundwalks takes place in September 2019 in multiple cities worldwide to celebrate the Sound Walk Sunday 2019. Starting on September 1st 2019 and continuing during the month, 19 Hush City Soundwalks will be guided by different soundwalk leaders in multiple locations worldwide, using the Hush City app.

The Global Program of Hush City Soundwalks is coordinated by Antonella Radicchi in her role of inventor and manager of the Hush City app, and each Hush City Soundwalk is hosted and managed by the following reference persons & soundwalk leaders (in alphabetical order): Zoe Banks Gross, Chiara Bartalucci, Richard Bentley, Ana Villas Boas, Jeanine Botta, Paul Driscoll, Milena Droumeva, Sophie Gleeson, Marcos Holtz, Sarah Jones Morris, Linda Keane, Jordan Lacey, Eric Leonardson, Elaine Moraes de Albuquerque, Eugenio Morello, Rosa Maria Alsina Pagès, Emanuele Porcinai, Antonella Radicchi, Lau Siu-Kit Eddie, Sharon Stewart, Jerònimo Vida Manzano.

See below the Global Program & Save the Dates!

Hush City Soundwalks were initiated by Antonella Radicchi in 2017 and they are soundwalks, in which the Hush City app is exploited to map and evaluate quiet areas, which are linked in real time to the Hush City Map, becoming open access to everyone. The free Hush City app was invented and launched on the market by Antonella Radicchi in 2017 and since then further developed within the context of not-profit soundscape and citizen science research projects to map and evaluate everyday quiet areas.

Our cities are becoming noisier by the hour. Only in Europe, over 125 million people are affected by noise pollution from traffic every year, and apparently, quietness is becoming a luxury available only to a few of us.

The Hush City app will help you tackle this challenge and identify, map and evaluate everyday quiet areas in your neighbourhoods. You can find places such as small, quiet spots where you can go to escape the city’s chaos, relax, read a book, play with your kids, and have a pleasant conversation. Chill out!

Celebrate with us the Sound Walk Sunday 2019 and join one of the Hush City Soundwalks!
It’s simple.

  • Have a look at the Global Program of Hush City Soundwalks
  • Pick up the Hush City Soundwalk you would like to join
  • Make sure to download Hush City app prior to the event
  • If curious, read A Pocket Guide to Soundwalking
  • Join the Hush City Soundwalk & enjoy it!
  • Share with us your experience, by using the hashtags: #SWS2019 #HushCitySoundwalks


  • September, 1st 2019, Paranapiacaba, Brasil
    Reference Person & Soundwalk Leader: Ana Villas Boas, with Elaine Moraes de Albuquerque
  • September, 4th 2019, Bristol, UK
    Reference Person & Soundwalk Leader: Zoe Banks Gross
  • September, 8th 2019, Brooklyn, NYC, USA
    Reference Person & Soundwalk Leader: Jeanine Botta
  • September, 9th 2019, Singapore
    Reference Person & Soundwalk Leader:  Lau Siu-Kit Eddie
  • September, 13th 2019, Arnhem, Netherlands
    Reference Person & Soundwalk Leader: Sharon Stewart
  • September, 14th 2019, Reading, UK
    Reference Person & Soundwalk Leader: Richard Bentley
  • September, 14th 2019, Vancouver, Canada
    Reference Person & Soundwalk Leader: Milena Droumeva
  • September, 15th 2019, Chicago, USA
    Reference Person & Soundwalk Leader: Eric Leonardson
  • September, 18th 2019, Berlin, Germany
    Reference Person & Soundwalk Leader: Antonella Radicchi, with Emanuele Porcinai
  • September, 18th 2019, Chicago, USA
    Reference Person & Soundwalk Leader: Linda Keane
  • September, 20th 2019, Milan, Italy
    Reference Person & Soundwalk Leader: Eugenio Morello & Antonella Radicchi
  • September, 24th 2019, Firenze, Italy
    Reference Person & Soundwalk Leader: Chiara Bartalucci & Antonella Radicchi
  • September, 26th 2019, Bath, UK
    Reference Persons & Soundwalk Leaders: Sarah Jones Morris & Paul Driscoll
    Festival: Bath Therapeutic City Festival
  • September, 27th 2019, Barcelona, Spain
    Reference Person & Soundwalk Leader: Rosa Maria Alsina Pagès & Antonella Radicchi
  • September, 28th 2019, São Paulo, Brasil
    Reference Person & Soundwalk Leader: Marcos Holtz, ProAcustica Association
    Contact details: gerenciatecnica@proacustica.org.br
  • September, 28th 2019, Melbourne, Australia 
    Reference Person & Soundwalk Leader: Jordan Lacey & Sophie Gleeson




The first version of the Hush City app received funding from the People Programme (Marie Curie Actions) of the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under REA grant agreement no. 600209 (TU Berlin – IPODI).
The second version of the Hush City app received funding from theHEAD-Genuit Foundation.